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1022 Green Pet Care

1022 (Pronounced: Ten twenty-two) Green Pet Care ECOCERT-certified shampoo is abundant
in naturally-derived Marine Collagen that repairs and rejuvenates your pet’s skin while
restoring shine to their lustrous coats. Other than hydrating the skin, Marine Collagen
promotes rapid cell renewal and may help to accelerate wound-healing.
 Repairs and Rejuvenates
✓ Gentle on the Skin
✓ 4X Odour Control
✓ Lustrous Results

What is Marine Collagen?
• Type 1 collagen derived from fish parts that are to be discarded
• Environmentally-friendly and sustainable
• Comprises of smaller particles and superior in absorption compared to other
collagen types

1) Safe for Pets
Free from SLS/SLES (Sulphates), paraben, artificial colours and mineral oils.
2) Marine Collagen
Maintains skin natural defences and helps with cells renewal
3) ECOCERT-Certified Green Cleanser
Amino Acid-based gentle cleanser that removes impurities and retains natural skin
4) Japanese Persimmon Extract
With deodorizing properties that bind and remove odour molecules effectively for
odour control
5) Easy Styling
Quick to dry and easy to groom
6) Tearless Formula
Gentle on the eyes for a tear-free bath time