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Daily Delight Cats


Daily Delight Pure Series

All our Daily Delight recipes are produced in a factory that also makes tuna for humans! So, you can  be sure that we make use of 100% human-grade ingredients. Our tuna comes from the Western  Pacific Ocean, which is where the WORLD’s freshest seafood come from ! 

Each Pure and Jelly recipe is accompanied by a unique ingredient, to give each can an unforgettable  taste! 

• Select Cuts of Premium Skipjack Tuna 

• Real Deboned Fresh Chicken 

• No Meat By-Products, Wheat, Corn or Soy 

• Appealing Source of Hydration 

Now our Pure Series includes 3 BRAND NEW INGREDIENTS! 


-Promotes healthy reproduction, eyesight and hearing.  

-An essential amino acid that is critical for normal heart muscle functions for cats -Plays a role as a precursor for the synthesis of complex fats (glycosphingolipids), that support the  barrier function of the skin. 

-Taurine is found almost exclusively in meat and seafood 

2)Vitamin E

- Acts as an antioxidant 

- Important for cellular functions in the cat’s body 

- Free radicals are produced as a result of external factors that affect their body such as pollution  and smoke from cigarette. 

- Free radicals can contribute to cell death. Vitamin E helps to protect the cell membranes and the  body from free radical damage and strengthens the immune system.


- An essential amino acid that is used for the synthesis of proteins in their bodies - Supports healthy growth in kittens 

- Helps with weight management 

- Cats need such amino acids because their own body cannot manufacture it themselves. Thus, it is  vital that they obtain them through their diet