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Zee.Dog was founded with one major purpose: to Connect Dogs and People. design and build products of expression, ones that help make your life and your dog's that much cooler.


It all started in a small messy studio in Los Angeles. Zee.Dog had just adopted Zeca and Lico and for the first time Zee.Dog were going out trying to buy accessories for them (and in their minds for theirs as well). It was disappointing, as dog owners themselve they couldn't find products that they could identify with. There wasn't a single brand they could name or recognize. The rule was: buy the least ugly one on the shelf.

If you have a dog you know the feeling of walking into a pet shop and only seeing commodity products dangling from shelves. Lifeless, just plain boring.

Pet shop after pet shop, the disappointment continued.
Was this really the sad reality of the industry?

It turns out there was a relatively simple explanation.

The pet industry has been dominated by the same huge corporations for decades. The mentality of the industry has always been to push out products they thought you were happy with, and never really introduced anything new throughout all these years. They sell to distributors, distributors sell to pet shops and then to the end client. This lack of proximity between brand and end client (you) has been the default since the beginning of time.


Dog accessories have never been sold or used as products of expression, products that showcase the extension of your lifestyle just like the shoe you wear, the pair of jeans you buy and the watch on your wrist. Why? Because they never existed. Until now.

Zee.Dog do things differently. They follow what is trending and they create pet products with a fundamental understanding of what people want. Zee.Dog was born out of a necessity first and foremost and, since then, they have grown a worldwide community of dog lovers that look for an alternative. Welcome to the family.

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