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Exchange and refund of products is subjected to each approval by Starpets, will only be valid within 7 days upon delivered order. There will be a recollection fee imposed for every delivery address. If and when the refund is granted, we will immediately process the refund. 

Starpets customers are strongly advised to check the Products purchased at the time of delivery to avoid any possible dispute. All Products leaving Starpets have been checked for quality and quantity accuracy assurance.

Subjected to the Customer making a report to Starpets within 7 days of delivery of the order, Starpets shall exchange the Product if:

  1. The Product is delivered past its expiration date 
  2. The Product has a manufacturer’s defect
  3. The wrong Product is delivered.
  4. All items on sales cannot be exchanged or returned.

All exchanges must be returned unused and in its original packaging and condition.

All exchanges must be accompanied by the original tax invoice and receipts as proof of purchase from Starpets.

All replacement of Products will be done at the premises of Starpets. Customer can return or exchange the product to our office.

Starpets reserves the rights to collect, and the Customer shall be obliged to return, a Product that was not part of the Customer's order which is delivered to the Customer by mistake.

Starpets shall not be further liable for any damage loss or inconvenience of any form suffered whatsoever arising from any discrepancy.

Starpets will not be liable for improper food storage caused by customer.

Upon Approval for refunds, starpets will not be liable for charges made by the bank/credit card. 

On occasions where by order is being placed but out of stock , refund will be subjected to starpets approval.

*To assist on availbility of items before placing your order do contact us , before placing any order.

Food Safety & Storage

We recommend that all opened food packages should be stored in airtight containers or packaging away from sunlight in a cool, dry place, or as advised on the product packaging. We are unable to guarantee the food’s condition 2 weeks after it has been opened from its original packaging. Please note that how you store your food and treats can affect its condition. Improper storage can make the food vulnerable to infestations, or cause the food to go stale.