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31 cm Rodipet Super Silent Cork Exercise Wheel

S$ 120.56
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ø 31 cm Rodipet® Super Silent Cork Exercise Wheel

· made in Germany

· comfortable cork running track

· made from beech and birch woods

· variable height

· with dual ball bearings

· resists gnawing

Like walking on air: For your small pet's delicate paws, a cork running track feels just right. Moreover, cork is naturally water-repellent, which makes it very easy to clean.

Your pet will be able to enjoy the Ø 31 cm Rodipet® Super Silent Cork Exercise Wheel for a long time. The running drum is easy to move so even petite pets can use it. The inside diameter of the exercise wheel is 31 cm, making it a large enough wheel for even the largest Syrian hamsters and gerbils, the the running track is continuous without cracks or tripping hazards. This prevents injured paws. The large diameter permits Syrian hamsters and pets of similar size to tun without bending their backs.

Rodipet® Super Silent Cork Exercise Wheels are light-built yet sturdy, feature quality ball bearings and a continuous running track and can be adjusted in height. The running drum can be adjusted to anywhere between 2 and 16 cm bottom height. When used along with the pedestal (available separately), the bottom edge of the running drum can be raised to a maximum of 25 cm above the cage floor. You can adjust the height of the Rodipet® Super Silent Cork Exercise Wheel to fit your individual needs and wishes depending on the species of animal cared for and height of the bedding used. Its flexibility makes it possible to place this exercise wheel securely even in a deep layer of bedding: Just set the desired height, place the exercise wheel in the cage and then add the required amount of bedding.


Width: 32.5 cm (ca. 12.8 in) Breadth: 14 cm (ca. 5.5 in) Height: 35.5 - 49.5 cm (ca. 14 - 19.5 in) Running track width: 8.2 cm (ca. 3.2 in)

Suitable for:

pets with a body length of 12 – 18 cm (ca. 4.7 – 7.1 in), e. g. large Syrian hamsters, gerbils and many others. Despite the hardness of the beech wood this exercise wheel is not recommended for degus. Degus are very avid chewers and even this extraordinarily hard wood is no match for their

teeth. If you choose to get this wheel for your degus anyway, please be aware that you will likely have to replace it frequently and "degu damage" is not covered by the product

All For Hamster needs

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