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Canine Tribute Chicken Indoor Dog (800gx3) 2.4kg

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Canine Tribute Chicken Indoor Dog (800gx3) 2.4kg Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Low-fat formulation designed for indoor dogs! Chicken kibbles for indoor dogs.

Plant extract fermented extract zeolite.
In consideration of the stool odor of pet dogs raised indoors, blended with a plant-extracted fermented extract and zeolite that decompose and adsorb odors.
Lactic acid bacteria / oligosaccharide Combines lactic acid bacteria and oligosaccharides to maintain stomach health.
DHA / EPA evening primrose oil Formulated with DHA / EPA and evening primrose oil (γ-linolenic acid source) to maintain the health of skin and coat.
Main ingredient: Domestic chicken
Meat amount: 27% or more Lipid: 47% cut
Manufacturing: Miyakonojo Factory (Miyazaki Prefecture)
Comprehensive nutritional diet [adult]

 2.4kg (800g x 3 bags)
Country of origin: Japan

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