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Cature Milk Tofu Litter (2 Sizes)

S$ 17.65
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Cature Tofu Cat Litter Milk Scent (2 Sizes)

Keeps 7 days of pet odor in check. In absorption and odor control, our normal, clumping wood litter is unparalleled. It is a breath of fresh air for your home! The micro-fine fibrils trap the liquid within the natural organic fibers for 700 percent water absorption & fast clumping. A single package will last 100 days per pet!The litter will absorb all the liquid in just 10 seconds and lock odor super efficiently. In combination with special plant-based binders, the wood is chipped and pelleted that gives Cature its outstanding properties.


  • No Odor, No Dust
  • 2mm diameter makes excellent clumping performance
  • 99.5% dust-free
  • No chemical synthesis, no formaldehyde, no industrial binders
  • Can absorb water 400% of its weight, which leads to a reduction in litter consumption
  • 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly. Waste clumps can be disposed of safely in the toilet
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