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Longevity Dog Can - Chicken with Green Tea Essence 375g

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Dog Canned Food

Made with premium New Zealand meats and Omega-rich Green Lipped Mussels, Nurture Pro Longevity
dog canned food aims to provide dogs with wholesome grain-free recipes that tap into the finest
qualities of nature to support pet health while providing them with ample vigor for everyday

Key Features
• Made with grass-fed, cage-free, antibiotic-free and hormone-free premium New Zealand meats
• Grain-free and carrageenan-free
• Enhanced with Green Tea Essence for powerful antioxidant properties
• Contains Co-enzyme Q10 to boost energy levels
• Human-grade quality with ZERO animal by-products
• NO artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
• Formulated to meet the nutritional profiles established by AAFCO

With Green Tea Essence
Green tea is loaded with multiple vitamins (A, C, D, E, B, B5, H and K), essential minerals and is a

bountifulsource of polyphenols – antioxidantsthatstrengthen pets’ immune systems and support anti-

Believed to reduce risks of cancer, Green Tea counters inflammation and fights off tumors and cancer-
causing free radical cells while helping to relieve allergies.

Benefits of Green Tea:
• Vitamins for bodily functions and growth
• Powerful antioxidant properties that strengthen the immune system and support anti-aging
• Anti-bacterial properties that reduces dental and digestive issues
• Reduces inflammation and risks of cancer
• Lowers cholesterol and regulates blood sugar levels
• Weight-control due to thermogenic effect
• Protects joints from deteriorating
• Reduces allergies

Superior Ingredients
As man’s best friend, we have a duty to seek for the best source of nutrition for our dogs. That is why
we hand-picked specific ingredients that help to provide purposeful and holistic nutrition to dogs
without compromising on the essentials the body requires.
We want to keep your best buddy in prime health for you to create fonder memories with each other.

High Quality Meat Proteins

• Premium meats sourced locally in New Zealand that meets worldwide standard health codes
• Better protein utilization, leading to healthier growth and retention of muscle in old age
• Grass-fed, cage-free and hormone-free
• Human-grade quality

Green Tea extract
• Very rich in antioxidants
• Aids digestive health
• Promotes fresher breath
• Reduces cholesterol and high
blood pressure
• Regulates metabolism in cells
Co-enzyme Q10
• Regulates energy levels and is
essential for energy production
• Reduces the risk of cell
inflammation, cancer, and
cardiovascular and periodontal
• Boosts the effectiveness of
other antioxidants
Green Lipped Mussel
• Rich in Omega 3, EPA and DHA
for brain development
• Natural source of Glucosamine
and Chondroitin for joint
• Helps to prevent and sooth
joint pains such as arthritis
• High in Fiber, Potassium and
Vitamin C

• Natural source of Beta-
carotene to support proper

vision development
• Prevents urinary incontinence
Sunflower Oil
• Rich in Omega 6 to stimulate
healthy skin growth
• Retains moisture to maintain
smooth and shiny coat
Yucca Schidigera
• Aids with digestion
• Reduces stool odor
• Helps alleviate pain and
inflammation of arthritis

Chicken with Green Tea Essence
Featuring the clean cuts of free-ranging New Zealand Chicken, this low-fat yet high-protein formula
provides nourishment of a higher nutritional density for dogs that need that extra boost of energy for
daily activities. Apart from contributing to blood cell production, Iron from Chicken Liver is essential
for muscle and neural function and it helps to prevent lethargy. Longevity Chicken with Green Tea
Essence is perfect for active dogs living the energetic lifestyle.
• Single-protein recipe
• Made with New Zealand 100% hormone-free and cage-free Chicken
• Contains easily digestible proteins of higher nutritional density
and lower fat content that helps to build lean muscle mass
• Chicken Liver provides dense amounts of Iron, Vitamin A and
Folic Acid for bodily and neural functions
• Grain-free and fortified with Green Tea powder, Vitamins, Minerals and Coenzyme Q10
• Hormone-free and carrageenan-free

New Zealand Hormone Free Chicken, Broth, Chicken Liver, Pumpkin, Ovine
Plasma, Brewers Yeast, Sunflower Oil, Mussel Powder, Agar Agar, Cassia,
Potassium Chloride, Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, Vitamin E, Iodine, Folic
Acid, Biotin, Organic Copper, Organic Manganese, Organic Selenium, Organic
Zinc, Organic Iron, Calcium Carbonate, Guar Gum, Green Tea Powder, Yucca
Schidigera, Choline Chloride, Coenzyme Q10.
Typical Analysis
Crude Protein (%) Min : 31.14
Crude Fat (%) Min : 19.68
Carbohydrate (% by difference) : 44.77
Crude Fiber (%) Max : 0.39
Crude Ash (%) Max : 4.02
Moisture (%) Max : 78.78
GE (kcal/kg) : 4808.00
Vitamin A (IU/kg) : 62237.00
Calcium (%) Min : 0.73
Phosphorous (%) Min : 0.56

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